How it works

LiveAnimation combines a real-time render engine with some edge technology such as Artificial Intelligence, motion capture or real-time lip-sync . We bring life to your characters, so they “act” in front of a virtual camera and are recorded as real actors.

Live Animation is not just a motion capture solution. We solve the whole characters animator workflow: lipsync, natural movement, body and face rigging, face expressions and the list goes on.

We simplify the animation process, set in the industry for +20 years, and reduce the resources needed for making an animation: from dozens of people to a few, from months to minutes thanks to our unique touch interfaces that provides the user high expressivity and control over all aspects in the production: cameras, character movement, lights and scene prop.

Live acting with virtual characters

Our characters are not just puppets. We combine A.I. with human-like behaviors, like facial ticks and eyes movement to make them look live. But they include much more: real time lip-sync to make them talk, a unique face expression manager and a combination of pre-rendered animations with real time generated poses.

Your own characters… or completely new brand

We adapt your existing 2D or 3D characters to be used into Live Animation environment. If you donʼt have a character yet, we can work together designing a new one. In both cases thereʼs a customization process before start creating videos: We ensure our real time render engine correctly draws the image, composed by models, textures and lights.

We support assets from most popular 2D and 3D software like Maya, Blender, 3DStudio Max, Flash, ToonBoom and others.

Once we agree the visual result, we are ready to start creating content.


Once the character and scene props are ready, we follow a very simple pipeline for video creation.

  • Write script
  • Record voice
  • Animate & record
  • Edit the video

Let us know which parts of the workflow do want to make yourself, and we take care of the rest.
We collaborate with expert screenwriters and profesional voice actors from virtually any country, language and culture. Outsource the whole workflow or only the parts that you donʼt want to worry about.


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